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Moving Racing Forward

For over 60 years, McLaren Racing has moved forward by taking on fresh challenges and exploring new frontiers. From Bruce McLaren’s ‘Nostrils’ to our carbon fibre chassis and the F-Duct, throughout our history, we’ve always had innovation at our core, and NEOM McLaren Electric Racing is now at the heart of this.  

NEOM McLaren Formula E

We believe Electric Racing offers exciting possibilities for our sport, creating a platform to test new technologies and push boundaries. In our first season, 2023, we were proud to achieve two world firsts, with our AI-generated livery takeover and a Guinness World Record for NEOM McLaren Formula E driver Jake Hughes, who set the fastest speed by a vehicle indoors. 

Most importantly, Formula E provides a worldwide showcase for action on sustainability, engaging fans through the power of great racing. 

NEOM McLaren Extreme E

Racing with a purpose

NEOM McLaren Electric Racing is determined to move motorsport forwards, exploring new technologies and innovative formats to engage the next generation of fans and partners. 

We joined Extreme E in 2022 because it offered a radical new concept of what racing could be: all-electric, off-road, and low impact, competing in areas of the world affected by climate change to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet. 

By racing with mixed female and male driver line-ups as standard across the grid, Extreme E has also broken down barriers in other important areas of sustainability, promoting diversity and inclusion in motorsport.  

At McLaren, we're as ambitious off-track - and off-road - as we are on it. Join us on this journey and help us to drive change in our sport.

Bicester Heritage

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